Scholastic Bookclub

Scholastic Book Club 2014

Welcome to all new and returning students and parents to Scholastic Book Club 2014. Twice a term, students receive brochures that you are welcome to purchase books from.

Each order accrues rewards that teachers and the library can redeem for items from which the whole school benefits from. The usual value of our school's order per issue is $500-$1000, entitling the school to around $100-$200 worth of books.

How to order:

  1. Fill out the order form on the back of each catalogue including name and class, cut it out, and place in an envelope with payment.
  2. Deposit order envelopes into the box near the front office by the due date.

Payment options:

  1. Credit card online at Scholastic website ( : fill in receipt number details on the bottom of the order form.
  2. Cheque: make out to Scholastic Australia.
  3. Cash: not preferred but accepted; please secure coins well.

Only one payment for total of all orders is needed, even if kids are in different classes.

Book orders can take up to two weeks from the due date to arrive and will be given to individual teachers to hand out. Orders can be held at the front office if it is a gift or too large for your child to handle – put a note and contact number in with the order.

Thank you for supporting Book Club,

Julie Kneeshaw: 0428 827 014

Patty Swank

Parents and Book Club Co-ordinators