Accelerated Learning Program

Students at Garran Primary School have unique educational needs and are be catered for in order that their learning outcomes are optimised. All students are provided with opportunities to excel through the differentiation of the curriculum - extension, enrichment and curriculum compacting. The Accelerated Learning Program was established in 1997 as a way of catering for the needs of students with an academic ability in literacy and numeracy. The program usually runs three classes arranged as a Year 1/2, a Year 3/4 and a Year 5/6.

What is the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP)?

The ALP is a full time accelerated class for students who have been identified as suitable through Garran's chosen assessment procedures. It is a dynamic program that is continually modified to suit the needs of individual students. The ALP provides:

  • A differentiated curriculum which allows students to work to potential at their appropriate levels
  • Opportunities to develop special interest areas in depth through various activities
  • Independent learning on an individual basis
  • Limited repetitious work so that students begin their programs from what they know and progress from there
  • A stimulating environment where students with similar interests and learning styles may accept challenges with enthusiasm

How are students selected for the Accelerated Learning Program?

This is a comprehensive process requiring several months preparation time to administer the testing procedures required to identify candidates for the program. The process begins in Term 3 so that enough time may be devoted to the administration of tests and identification procedures:

  • Students are nominated by parents (using a Parent Nomination Form) and teachers (using a Teacher's Checklist)
  • Students are administered a standardised test and the results are compiled by the Deputy Principal
  • A committee, comprising the Executive Team and relevant staff use these results, PIPS, NAPLAN , PM Reading Benchmarks, C.A.R.S Reading results, School Psychologist records and anecdotal records to select suitable candidates for the program
  • Students are placed in the program at the beginning of the following year

What is expected from students in the Accelerated Learning Program?

It is expected that students:

  • Have met the assessment requirements (demonstrate above average results and some characteristics of gifted students)
  • Are able to work at a fast pace
  • Need little revision to learn and retain concepts
  • Respond well to a challenge
  • Enjoy a rigorous program that will keep them extremely busy
  • Are able to understand concepts at a complex level
  • Seek opportunities to further develop individual knowledge and skills

What happens in the Accelerated Learning Program?

  • Off level tests are used to pre-test students to establish particular needs
  • Curriculum is compacted so that the core is covered at a quicker pace allowing time for a more in depth study subjects
  • Lessons are significantly more challenging and encourage higher order thinking
  • Students apply themselves to work which is structured for their ability rather than their chronological age

Additional Needs Programs

Garran Primary School is known for its academic excellence and innovation. Provision is made for all students, encompassing a whole range of teaching methods and catering for all learning styles. In this way, all students have access to the best possible education that Garran Primary School can provide with the resources that are available.

Learner Support Unit (LSU)

Garran Primary School Learner Support Unit caters for the individual needs of students with an intellectual disability.

The academic program implemented in the LSU develops the strengths of individual students and builds upon their current level of achievement.

One of the main aims of the LSU is to integrate students into mainstream classes. Integration occurs throughout the week including Library, Sport, Art as well as excursions, swimming programs, assemblies and on an individually negotiated basis.

Literacy/Numeracy Assistance

Garran Primary School has a commitment to providing the best educational program for each of its students. This includes provision of additional support for students experiencing difficulties in achieving their optimum, particularly in Literacy and Numeracy.

Assistance is provided through in-class support, withdrawal for small group work and, in some instances, through individual support. Students requiring assistance are referred to the school's Additional Needs Team by class teachers and/or parents. While assistance is available for students in Kindergarten to Year 6, an emphasis is placed on early intervention.

English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD)

There are sixty-seven nationalities represented in the student population at Garran Primary School. These children from diverse cultural backgrounds enrich the student body and help to make Garran a special place.

Most of these students come from a language background other than English. They are supported in their classroom endeavours by an English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) teacher who works closely with the classroom teacher. Children are assisted in different ways depending on their needs. Sometimes they are withdrawn from the classroom to work individually or in small groups with the English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) teacher. At other times, the English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) teacher works with the class teacher in the classroom. English as an Additional Language or Dialect (EALD) support is also provided for homework and research tasks and for excursions outside the school.