Eco Rangers


The Garran Eco-Rangers are a team of dedicated students who are passionate about caring, beautifying and improving our school grounds and educating our school community in more sustainable practices.

Formed in 2015, the group, which consists of a representative from each class K-6, meet once a fortnight to discuss ideas brought up in class meetings towards improving sustainable procedures at Garran.

Following discussion and decision time, the students break off into small groups to rejuvenate, plant and harvest many garden spaces which may need attention. They also prepare and practise skits and speeches for assembly that inform students, parents and staff about upcoming events and remind students and teachers to keep up positive sustainable practices. Groups also prepare posters, newsletter items, and plan and develop projects to submit to our executive staff, P & C and Garran Government.

Garran Eco-Rangers maintain several vegetable gardens throughout the year, run, operate and monitor our Thursday Nude Food Day (Tuesday for the Joey’s preschool group) and are developing a community garden, a forest play area, worm farms, and a garden compost area.

Additionally, Eco-Detectives roam classrooms at lunch time switching off unnecessary lights. They also crush aluminium cans that students bring in for our ‘Cash for Cans’ project, which raises money towards our gardens, and manage the collection of used toothbrushes and other old oral hygiene items for recycling with Terracycle.

Being an Eco-Ranger is a real opportunity for student leadership within the Garran community and the bringing to life of student environmental passion.