Dear Potential Sponsor,

Thankyou for your interest in sponsoring Garran Primary School!

Garran Primary School is a large public primary school that was established in 1967. Over the past 50 years, Garran has cemented its reputation as Canberra’s premier performing public primary school, consistently ranking at the top in national performance metrics and other academic competitions and programs (such as the ACT SEA Science Fair and national mathematics and science competitions).

Centrally located in the Woden Valley adjacent to the Canberra Hospital, the school has a diverse student population of around 650, with many international families from the surrounding embassies as well as many families who are engaged in the medical and health professions.

Garran families are discerning and have a high expectation of the school. This results in families being actively involved in the school community and supporting events and activities. Many parents are themselves business owners or senior professionals in either business or government.

Garran Primary School continues to seek sponsorship from the Canberra business community to support the school’s ongoing activities around the modernisation of its facilities and supporting children to achieve their best with an ambitious and focussed high quality educational program. It is in this context that we would like you to consider sponsoring the school and becoming a valued part of our community.

We feel that it is important that your generous contribution is acknowledged and appreciated by not only the school community, but also the wider local community. To this end, the sponsorship benefits detailed below can be adjusted to suit your needs. Sponsorship has been tiered depending on the level of contribution you would like to make to the school.

We would be happy to discuss sponsorship in more detail with you and value contributions in many forms, so would be open to discussing equivalent non-cash contributions that your business could make. Sponsorship in science, information technology, learning support, furniture, landscaping and many more would be of great interest. Please talk to us about any opportunities you see to align your business with these needs.

For more information contact info@garranps.act.edu or call us on 02 6142 0840. We look forward to welcoming you!

Yours sincerely,

Eliza Strapp - Chair of the School Board

Bhavani Kannan - President of the P & C