School Modernisation Program

Garran Primary School first welcomed students in 1967.  Today, more than 50 years later, it is a thriving school attended by more than 600 students from Preschool to Year 6. With continuing high enrolment demand, the ACT Government will undertake a significant modernisation of Garran Primary School to meet the school’s current and future needs. Planning and design work on this modernisation will soon begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

What funding has been provided and what is it for?

$970,000 was provided in the 2021-22 ACT Budget to commence the design and planning works for the modernisation of Garran Primary School. A budget provision has also been made to undertake the subsequent construction.

What is a modernisation?

A modernisation is either a significant upgrade or a complete replacement of an existing school.  The full scope of works will be developed through the design and planning phase in early 2022.  The design of the school will be guided by the Education Directorate’s comprehensive specifications.  These include consideration of teaching and learning outcomes, student and staff wellbeing, responsive and flexible design, cultural integrity and connection to Ngunnawal country, and sustainability.

What is the scope of the design work?

The design phase will assess all existing infrastructure, landscaping, site constraints, reports and community inputs to develop master plan options. Town planning will assess options to extend the site, respond to the wider site context and address the interface with the neighbouring Canberra Hospital campus. Design concepts and master plan options will be presented to the school and community as they become available.

When will this process begin?

The ACT Government (Education Directorate and Major Projects Canberra) have undertaken the first stage of a procurement process to engage a consultant team to deliver the planning and design services. The consultant team are expected to commence work in early 2022.

What is happening now and how can the school community contribute?

The Education Directorate met with the Garran Primary School Board after the budget announcement in October.  Presentations will be arranged for Garran’s Parents and Citizens Association, Board, and staff.

When will the modernisation be finished?

Progress updates and timelines will be shared as the information becomes available.

How can I be involved and where can I find out more?

The project team (comprising the Education Directorate, Major Projects Canberra, and consultants) will engage with the school and community throughout the project, including through web site and FAQ updates.

I have a question that isn’t answered yet.

You are also encouraged to speak to your school’s leadership team at any time, as the project team will be working closely with our principal Jenny Priest throughout this process.  Alternatively Please e-mail any questions to so we can respond.