Parents and Citizens Association

The special environment at Garran Primary is made possible by the strong partnership between the school and its community. The Garran Primary School Parents and Citizens Association Inc. acts as a conduit for information and feedback, as well as a source of support. The P&C is highly active and all parents and carers are encouraged to get involved and contribute to supporting the students and staff.

Throughout the year, the P&C and Class Parent Representatives arrange events to enable year groups and the whole school community to come together. These range from picnics and family walks, to the School Fair and Student Engagement fundraiser.

The P&C operates as a non-profit organisation to:

Please see the P&C website and blog for further information.


The key role of the Garran Primary P&C is to support the school through organisation of sponsorship and fundraising.  In recent years, the P&C has raised tens of thousands of dollars which has been used to provide teachers and staff with new classroom resources, as well as funding playground upgrades, robotics equipment, literacy and numeracy resources, and the creation of a school grounds master plan.

Class Parent Representative Program

The Class Parent Representative Program is a P&C initiative which assists with delivering communication throughout our school. It also enhances our school community by fostering friendship and belonging among families at our school. Each class has one representative who builds relationships and communicates news from the P&C. The representative can also assist class teachers by sending out reminders about activities specific to their class. The program is coordinated by a parent volunteer and its success relies on one parent from each class volunteering to be a representative. For more information on the program, or to find out who your class parent representative is, please contact the P&C committee.