The Garran curriculum is broad and stimulating.  Garran Primary is proud that student performance in the National Assessment Literacy and Numeracy Program displays consistently high results in literacy and numeracy, when compared with other students across the ACT and Australia.  The school continues to be a leading and high performing school in Canberra and beyond.

A comprehensive curriculum is centred on the following key learning areas:

Where possible learning is integrated to encourage creative and critical thinking across different subject areas. Students engage in different units of work throughout the year which encapsulate the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.

All classroom programs are differentiated and therefore designed to cater for the individual. The needs of gifted children are primarily met through differentiation of class programs and the Garran Primary Accelerated Learning Program as well as differentiated mathematics learning groups.  There is also the opportunity for all students to be extended through school structures, competitions and extra-curricular activities.  Additionally there are a range of structures to support children who are working toward achieving goals at their year level.

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A breadth of Opportunities

Garran Primary recognises the strong relationship between extra-curricular activities and academic achievement. These additional learning experiences are an integral part of our learning program.   Through these activities, children develop a range of skills building confidence, independence, and resilience as learners whilst encouraging school spirit and developing friendships.   These activities may be held during school hours and also before or after school.

Through involvement in sports, debating, creative arts and leadership opportunities, students discover their creativity, teamwork, and other life lessons they will take with them into high school and beyond. Students in Years 3-6 participate in Outdoor Education programs which offers excursions and camp experiences designed to foster friendships and build an awareness of self-worth and understanding of others.

Extra Curriculum experiences may include but are not limited to;

Instrumental Music Program

Two selective music programs delivered by the ACT Education Directorate's Instrumental Music Program (IMP) are offered. This program is a self-funded entity which provides a band program for students in public schools on a cost recovery basis. Students accepting a place do so as a two-year commitment. Limited numbers are available and entry is competitive.   Places are allocated through a musical test that is given by IMP Staff.  It is important that this process be seen to be a homogenous process across all of the schools associated with the IMP and that parents are satisfied that a strong process is in place.  Students in the band perform for their peers at school and also have other opportunities to perform together with other IMP students.