Student wellbeing underpins all we do at Garran. We place great emphasis on the creation of a supportive atmosphere where children feel safe and valued, especially by having strong connections with their teachers and students. Teachers begin getting to know students from the first day of the school year, and provide activities where classes build comradery and respect for each students’ strengths and personal characteristics. All staff work together to create an environment that fosters a sense of belonging, stability and happiness.

Our approach focuses on a holistic approach which encourages our students to develop self-discipline, self-motivation and a sense of social responsibility. We encourage our students to be happy, laugh often, work hard and to be supportive of others.

Garran Primary’s commitment to the social and emotional well-being of our students is part of the ethos of the School and involves the entire school community. All students engage in social and emotional learning at school. Building resilience, teamwork and leadership skills are an important part of our learning program. We challenge and stretch children to grow, ultimately nurturing happy and enthusiastic learners who have respect for themselves, others and their school community.

Respect for others is a fundamental precept at Garran Primary and forms the keystone of how we communicate and work as a school community. Our well-being programs recognise, nurture and celebrate the individuality of each student and give all students skills for positive interaction with others within the School community. Our over-arching school wellbeing program Bounce Back adapts to individual and group needs as they arise, addressing the demands of each stage of a student’s education. All students from Kindergarten to Year 6 belong to one of four Houses, which provide opportunities for active activities, collaboration, leadership and competition.