S.T.E.M is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These subjects support students in acquiring the skills necessary to succeed in a global world. Teachers are committed to motivating and igniting inquisitive young minds to become the next generation of engineers, scientists and doctors.

At Garran, students are given opportunities to think critically, solve problems, utilise technology effectively and explore and be curious about the world around them. STEM subjects areas are highly valued by Garran families and students, and are an integral part of the school culture. The Garran STEM Festival and Science Fair are important events on the school calendar.

The school has achieved significant accolades in science with one example being awarded the ACT Primary School SEACT overall primary winner trophy every year for nine consecutive years. This is a result of the outstanding research that children have designed and presented over many years, indicating their enthusiasm and curiosity for learning about science.

This high achievement is also reflected in the excellent results students achieve in the ICAS tests that measure levels of understanding and capabilities in STEM subject areas. Students in over 20 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Singapore and the United States participate in the ICAS tests. Students who undertake the tests are ranked based on their percentile in each year level across every state (Australia) and country. Garran students each year are awarded with high distinctions (top 1% of students) and distinctions (top 10% of students) which reflects the rigor of learning programs in these subject areas at Garran.

Don’t be surprised if you see today’s students of Garran Primary one day leading a robot mission to Mars in the future!