At Garran Primary, we are justifiably proud of our academic record and achievements. The school is recognised within the wider community as a school that inspires students to strive for academic success and high achievement.

Above all, our core aim is to build and foster a love of learning that each child will carry throughout life. We achieve this in supportive learning environment that motivates and engages children in a range of learning experiences. Our flexible learning programs and pathways, recognise specific strengths, address particular needs and respond to preferred learning styles. We understand that all children develop at their own pace and as a result are proactive and responsive catering to each child’s individual character.

Our broad curriculum, based on the mandatory Australian Curriculum, enables your child to explore a wide range of disciplines and activities, discovering their special passions and talents. We place a strong emphasis on Literacy and Numeracy. The core curriculum is supported by a range of specialist teachers.

We understand that a great education depends on great teaching and as a result, support teaching staff to be of the highest calibre. Teachers and parents work in partnership to help children discover the joy of learning and celebrate each step towards achievement. This positive link with parents throughout a student’s journey at Garran Primary is fundamental to the achievement of every child’s success.

Academic Competitions