IpadMathematics Differentiated Learning Groups

In class groups students receive mathematics instruction as well as incidental maths teaching. Additionally, a school differentiated approach ensures that children have a strong foundation in key concepts with teaching programs aimed specifically towards what they need to learn next.

For the correct placement of students in the differentiated learning maths groups, students are assessed through the school assessment procedures to ascertain what skills and knowledge they have and what the next step of their learning will be. To ensure that every child is working at their proximal zone of development, students are grouped with other peers who are learning the same concepts at that period of time. These groups are fluid and students can move between groups as the year progresses, depending on student needs. This means that when students participate in numeracy lessons, that they may have other teachers additional to their classroom teacher for this instruction. Parents are notified during the year which teachers are supporting their child’s numeracy learning.

Mathematics Enrichment

Before and After School enrichment groups are offered for students who are high achievers and are seeking an additional challenge or enrichment in mathematics. These workshops and groups are led by parents, community members and teachers with an interest or aptitude in this area. Children in these groups may also participate in additional external competitions or tests. Places in the groups are limited and details of these groups are advertised in the school newsletter.