Kindergarten and Years 1-6

Families must reside in the suburb of Garran at the time of enrolment. Due to high demand for enrolment, to enrol at Garran Primary you will be required to show evidence of residency in the Priority Enrolment Area (PEA) which is the suburb of Garran. The school Principal will allocate places for those students who relocate to the suburb of Garran throughout the school year. No enrolments are being taken from Phillip or any other suburbs (except Garran) as indicated in the shared zone identified on the ACT Education Directorate website. Enrolment of students from outside the PEA are managed to ensure that the total current and forecast enrolments do not exceed the school capacity. Please contact the school if you require more details.


Children must turn four by the 30th April to be eligible to attend. Demand exceeds places most years. However, all children will receive a place at a local pre-school, but not necessarily Garran Preschool due to capacity constraints.

Preschool places are not allocated on a first come first served basis. Preschool applications are prioritised in this order:

  1. Compelling cases of exceptional circumstances based on student wellbeing
  2. ACT resident siblings of students concurrently enrolled at Garran Primary School up to the limits of available places. In recent years there have been more applications than places available. Students who live the closest to the preschool receive the first places.
  3. Children living within the Priority Enrolment Area (PEA) of the primary school (the suburb of Garran), up to the limits of available places.
  4. Where there are not enough places for all children living in the PEA of the primary school, applications will be ranked by ‘proximity’, that is the distance that children live from the preschool. The distance is measured ‘as the crow flies'.
  5. The Education Directorate will find a place for all other children at a local preschool, taking into consideration where your child lives and the number of remaining places at other local preschools.

After that, children within the PEA will be allocated to the preschool that is closest to where they live that has capacity to enrol them, which may not necessarily be their closest preschool. As has been the case previously, every four year old ACT child is guaranteed a place in a public preschool but not necessarily at the preschool of their choosing. Please call 02 6205 5429 if you have any questions about enrolment into preschool.

For consideration prior to enrolment

If you require Before and After Hours Care for children, please take into consideration before enrolment that not all children who attend Garran Primary School will be guaranteed a place, due to high demand. Please call Woden Community Service directly or our school office on 02 6142 0840 for more information.

Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Visit the Education website at www.education.act.gov.au for more information and to enrol using the online enrolment form

Parents/carers are welcome to apply to enrol/transfer their child at any time during the school year using an online application form. Full details are available from the Education website.